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Watch winder suitable to wind 16 automatic watches

Posted on 28 June 2022 at 5:09 PM

A watch winder is the handy accessory to keep automatic watches wound so that you can wear them at any time. But this watch accessory has several advantages. Are you a real watch collector with an extensive collection of automatic watches? Then a good watch winder will be more than just an important accessory for you to wind your watches. When you are looking for a new watch winder, not only quality and technology are important, but you will also have requirements regarding the number of watches you want to wind and the appearance of the intended watch winder. If you as a collector have between 12-20 automatic watches, a watch winder with space for winding 16 watches is ideal.

When it comes to a watch winder for 16 watches, there is a choice of various luxury models. A watch winder of this caliber is therefore not only an indispensable tool to keep your watches wound, but also serves as an interior piece and safe storage place for your watches.

In this article we will discuss three watch winders with a capacity for winding 16 automatic watches. We start with a model from the collection of the Heisse & Söhne brand, namely the Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 watch winder. Heisse & Söhne is a German brand that is known for providing a very good price/quality ratio. A Heisse & Söhne watch winder stands for pure luxury. Also this Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37. This particularly luxurious and stylish watch accessory will positively catch the eye in any interior. The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 watch winder is made of beautiful materials such as beautiful wood and mineral glass. The beautiful foot gives this model an extra chic look. The watch winder can be closed with a glass door for optimal protection of your watches, using the very modern fingerprint technology. This ensures that only you can open the door with your fingerprint.

Technically, this watch winder offers all possible settings to provide every automatic watch with energy and overwind protection. In addition, this model has many nice extras. Thanks to the modern LCD control, you can also easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day for each watch. This function allows you to wind different watches in different ways. Furthermore, this Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 has built-in LED lighting and a sleep mode. With this last function you give your watches a rest, by keeping them just below the optimal level of excitement.

The second model that we would like to bring to your attention is the Heisse & Söhne Meranto 70019-136.11, also from the Heisse & Söhne collection. This watch winder is equipped with high-quality Japanese motors. The black exterior with wood-colored accents provides a stylish whole. This model can also be closed with a glass door. The watch winder can also be operated with a nice LCD screen. In this way, you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day for each watch separately. Because this watch accessory is also equipped with built-in LED lighting, you can easily and beautifully put your watches in the spotlight. Furthermore, with this watch winder you have all directions of rotation, an overwind protection and a sleep mode.

Last but not least, we mention the Benson Black Series Pro 20.19.B. This extremely luxurious watch winder can be found in the collection of the quality brand Benson, a Dutch brand. Benson offers an extensive collection for the enthusiast with one automatic watch, but also for the real collector who has many more automatic watches. This specific watch winder for the collector with an extensive collection offers more space for winding up to 20 automatic watches. In addition, the Benson Black Series Pro 20.19.B watch winder is also equipped with a drawer for extra storage space, suitable for 12 extra watches. Ideal for those who want to store other watches or jewelry. This model is made of wood and mineral glass, among other things. On the inside, the watch winder has a fabric inlay so that you can prevent damage or, for example, small scratches on your watches. The Benson Black Series Pro 20.19.B watch winder is equipped with 20 Japanese motors of undisputed quality. You don't have to worry about disturbing noises with these motors, because they do their job almost in silence. In addition, they are also energy-efficient in use, so a very good choice. The watch winder can be closed with a glass door with lock, for an optimal feeling of safety.

With the Benson Black Series Pro 20.19.B watch winder you can choose from all directions of rotation so that this watch winder is suitable for winding any automatic watch, regardless of whether it is a Rolex, Breitling, Patek, IWC, Oris, Tag Heuer. The watch winder is easy to operate using the modern touchscreen. You can also separately determine the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day for each watch. This allows you to individually create the most optimal conditions for each watch. The watch winder has built-in LED lighting so that you always have a good view of your watches. With the handy power winding function you can also provide your watches with the necessary energy in a short time. In short, a very nice and complete watch winder. Finally, Benson is known for the good price/quality ratio of the products. With this watch winder you choose affordable quality, which you will certainly enjoy for a long time.

In short, there are various watch winders for 16 watches available that will wind your automatic watches safely and professionally. This means you will no longer be bothered by stationary watches. Standing still is going backwards, it is sometimes said. This is certainly the case in the field of automatic watches. You keep your watch better if you move it regularly, and even better if you wear it regularly. A good watch winder ensures that your automatic watches are always ready to wear whenever you want. This is easy and also saves time. A watch winder therefore offers various advantages and is not for nothing the most important and popular accessory for an automatic watch.

Are you looking for a watch winder for 16 automatic watches? Check out our website and compare different brands. You will see that there are differences in design, technology and price. A good watch winder for 16 watches is not cheap, but it is an accessory that you do not want to lose if you have one.