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The unique Planet watch winders from Bernard Favre

Posted on 14 June 2020 at 10:39 AM

When you as a true enthusiast of automatic watches look for a suitable watch winder, you generally do not only look at the quality of the product. While that is of course a very important requirement, a watch lover or collector of automatic watches will also place a certain value on the appearance of the intended watch winder. If you choose a watch winder that functions as a real eye-catcher within your collection and interior, it will be a valuable addition to the whole. Of course, this is just as true for the enthusiast with a one of two automatic watches.

Bernard Favre Planet dark brown leather

In addition to the wide choice in brand, quality and functionality, there is also a wide range of watch winders with a diversity in appearance and use of materials. If you are looking for an exclusive and unique watch winder, the watch winder brand Bernard Favre is a very interesting brand to look into. Bernard Favre's watch winders are Swiss made to begin with, which guarantees an extremely high quality. The brand is among the absolute top in the world. In addition, Bernard Favre offers an absolutely unique system for the winding of automatic watches, which not only supplies the watches with the necessary energy, but also provides a particularly beautiful scene during the winding.

The so-called "Planet Winding System", which the Bernard Favre watch winders are equipped with, ensures that the watch is supplied with the required energy by rotating around its own axis. It revolves around its own axis as if it's a planet. That is also where the name of the Planet Winding system can be traced back to. The excitement process is therefore a fascinating sight, especially for the real enthusiast of automatic watches. You have a full view of your watch at any time, which the enthusiast will appreciate.

The high quality of the Bernard Favre watch winders is combined with the use of high-quality materials, Swiss motors and a perfect finish. Materials such as stainless steel, leather, glass and carbon are processed in the special watch winders, which are completely handmade by Bernard Favre in a special workshop. Moreover, they are available in all kinds of variants and colors. Different colors included in the collection include orange, blue, green and black. As for the metal parts, we see gold, metal and rosé. The glass dome that can be placed over the watch winder serves as protection against dirt and dust, but also completes the picture in terms of the look of the watch winder. Due to the variation on the original design of Bernard Favre, there is a suitable Bernard Favre Planet watch winder for every personal taste and interior.

The Bernard Favre watch winders offer up to nine programs to wind a watch. This makes this watch winder ideal for winding an automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, professionally and safely. Winding watches from brands such as Omega, IWC, Panerai, Breitling, Rolex or Breguet is no problem at all. The programs are set in such a way that the watch winder can rotate in different directions. You can also set the number of revolutions per day.

The Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are equipped with extra functionalities such as the LED indicator which shows the status of the battery inside the watch winder. In addition, there is the possibility to charge the built-in battery via USB connection or via the supplied adapter. This battery makes it possible to safely store your watch winder in a safe or, for example, to take it to the office. In addition, you do not necessarily have to have a socket nearby, because you can place the watch winder wherever you want. Of course, the watch winders are equipped with an overwind protection. In addition, the Swiss motor is not only energy efficient, but also very quiet in use so that you are not disturbed while winding your watch.

Why we love the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders? The answer is simple, the brand produces top quality watch winders that are also unique in the way they wind automatic watches. Of course, winding an automatic watch can also be done in a simple watch winder that is considerably cheaper. But the way in which Bernard Favre combines all features in this series of watch winders is very special. The combination of a Swiss motor, unique winding method, beautiful materials and the fact that the watch winders are made entirely by hand makes these watch winders absolute top. If you want to wind your watch in a unique way and do not want to make concessions in terms of sound and quality, then this Bernard Favre Planet watch winder is the best choice!

We have known Bernard Favre, owner of the brand, for a long time. This gentleman is very enthusiastic to make top quality watch winders that aesthetically offer something very special. When you see that passion and the pursuit of perfection result in such a beautiful collection of watch winders, it is very nice for us as an official Bernard Favre dealer to sell this brand.

In short, are you looking for a high-quality Swiss watch winder that shows class and style? Then a Bernard Favre watch winder is the best choice! As an official dealer, we have a wide collection in stock and immediately available. In our webshops you can see and compare the current collection of watch winders of this brand. Each watch winder comes with a 2 year warranty, certificate, manual and adapter. Of course, the glass dome that can be placed over the watch winder is included.

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The best watch winder for a Rolex watch

Posted on 6 June 2020 at 8:59 AM

Rolex is one of the most appealing watch brands in the world. Almost everyone knows the watch brand. The brand exudes success, class and craftsmanship. Almost all Rolex watches are equipped with a Swiss made automatic movement. When an automatic watch is stopped, you have to reset the time, date and/or other functions and manually wind the watch so that it runs again. You can do this by winding the watch via the crown or by gently shaking it back and forth. After this you can wear the watch again, which gives the movement inside the watch energy by your own daily movement.

An automatic movement is beautiful and one of the purest forms in watch technology. But when a Rolex watch is stopped you not only have to set the time correctly again, it also ensures that the oil in the movement is not distributed properly. In the longer term, this can cause damage to the movement because the oil functions as a kind of lubricant between all moving parts.

The solution for a stationary Rolex watch is a watch winder. A watch winder, the name says it all, winds the watch. By rotating gently, the automatic movement inside the watch gets energy, which keeps the watch running. A watch winder is not only good for the durability of automatic watches, it is also a very handy accessory. Especially if you have multiple automatic watches. Placing your watches in a watch winder keeps them neatly excited and running on time. This allows you to wear any watch immediately when you want, without having to wind the watch and reset it in time, date or, for example a moon phase.

A Rolex watch deserves the best. You do not want to stop your Rolex watch, but rather wind it safely and beautifully in a good watch winder. Imagine your beautiful Rolex watches rotating in a beautiful watch winder that offers all the functionalities to optimally wind your watch in style. In this blog article we write about the best watch winders for Rolex watches. Which watch winder features suit a Rolex watch? What does a good watch winder for a Rolex watch cost?

You want the best for your Rolex watch. You definitely do not want a cheap watch winder that does not offer the quality and functionalities to wind your watch safely. In this article we will not consider all cheap watch winders.

Good quality watch winder motors

A good quality watch winder offers strong motors of Japanese, German or Swiss origin. Rolex watches often have a slightly higher weight than a standard automatic watch. A strong durable motor can handle this weight better and will rotate more smoothly and remain of good quality in the long term. For example, the Japanese motors of the Dutch brand Benson meet these criteria. These watch winders easily wind an automatic Rolex watch.

Adjustable direction of rotation

In addition, the watch winder must have the right functionalities to wind your Rolex watch. In other words, the watch must be able to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise and alternately. Sometimes the movement inside the watch is wound clockwise, another movement counter clockwise. If a Rolex watch has to be wound clockwise, it will not get any energy if you set the watch winder counter clockwise. With a watch winder that can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise, you are always good.

Adjustable number of revolutions per day

The next important feature is that you can set the number of revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day). Automatic watches often have a different minimum number of revolutions per day that they need to obtain energy. For example, most Rolex watches require at least 600-650 TPD. If you run the watch winder on 400 or 500 TPD the watch will not receive any energy. The watch will then stop. Almost all good watch winders offer you the choice to set a watch with 600, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 TPD. Together with the adjustable direction of rotation (clockwise, counter clockwise and alternating) you have all the options to wind an automatic watch.

Good quality watch winders that have an adjustable direction of rotation and an adjustable number of revolutions per day are for example Paul Design, Benson and Heisse & Söhne. These brands have very good watch winders with an almost unique price/quality ratio. With these brands you buy an excellent watch winder for a Rolex watch between 500 and 2000 euros. The price depends on the number of watches you want to wind; the capacity of the watch winder.

Extra interesting features

Various watch winder brands offer all kinds of nice extras. You can think of a power winding function that provides your automatic watches with energy in a short time. This feature is included in all Benson Smart-Tech II and Benson Black Series watch winders. But you also have Paul Design watch winders with a fingerprint system so that you can open the watch winder with your fingerprint to access your watches. Chronovision from Germany produces watch winders that you can operate with an app via your mobile phone. Convenient and fun! Swiss Kubik produces watch winder that last up to 3 years on a set of batteries. This is handy and ideal if you like to store your watch in a safe. The American brand Orbita has a patented system in which watches do not rotate but are gently shaken.

Each brand has its own nice extras, but the most important thing to wind your Rolex watch properly and safely are adjustable direction of rotation and adjustable TPD. Both functions wind up any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model.


If you think it is important that the watch winder looks good, there is plenty of choice! Most watch enthusiasts place their watch winder in the bedroom, living room or office. Then it is important that the watch winder has a nice design. You want it to fit nicely into your interior. There is a choice of modern and classic designs. For example, Orbita is more classic and Benson more modern. Also consider the color of the watch winder, so that it fits well with your interior. Nowadays there are watch winders in all kinds of colors such as black, white, carbon fiber, wood, red, blue, etc. etc. There is plenty of choice!

In terms of design, we want to highlight one brand. Bernard Favre from Switzerland produces very special watch winders that rotate completely on their axis. These Planet watch winders from this brand are among the most special watch winders in the world. Winding the watches in a Bernard Favre watch winder is a feast for the eyes. This brand actually offers more than just winding a watch, it offers a unique spectacle that is a fantastic sight.

Rolex watch winder prices

Watch winders come in all shapes and sizes. The price is determined by the brand, design, motors and functions. You pay more for a Swiss brand than for a German or Dutch brand. Not so much because they offer better quality, but more because it is Swiss. You can also see this with Swiss watch brands. You pay for the fact that it is Swiss and has a certain appearance.

You buy an excellent watch winder for a Rolex watch from +- 500 euros. From this price, brands offer good quality motors, various functions to wind up every automatic watch and often also a beautiful design. If you choose a functional watch winder and if the design and brand are not so important, you will certainly succeed for 500 euros. Would you like a watch winder that looks very cool, has several extras and is also Swiss, then you quickly end up with Swiss Kubik or Bernard Favre. Are you looking for a watch winder for a collector that offers everything you could wish for? Then the American brand Orbita is a good choice. This brand offers Swiss technique, beautiful designs and patented winding technique. You then buy a fantastic watch winder that wind your Rolex watches in style.


If you are looking for a watch winder that can wind your Rolex watch safely and professionally, there are various brands that offer an excellent watch winder. Above we have mentioned various brands that you will certainly succeed. A good Rolex watch winder starts from +-500 euros. After all, you want quality for your beautiful and precious watch. Cheap becomes quickly expensive, and especially with a Rolex watch you don't want to take any chances.

Have a look on our website at the brands discussed. Do you have any questions or comments? We are happy to help you. With over 15 years of experience in winding technology and as an official dealer of more than 12 brands, we can provide you with excellent advice. In addition, we have almost all watch winders in stock so that we can quickly provide you with a beautiful watch winder for your Rolex watch.

The best battery powered watch winder

Posted on 30 May 2020 at 10:13 AM

Are you a watch enthusiast with a passion for automatic watches? Then you know better than anyone that a watch winder is an almost indispensable accessory. When looking for such an essential part for your watch collection, or of course as a professional, you want to sort out all the advantages and disadvantages and make the best choice. One of the considerations you will want to make is whether you prefer a watch winder that works with an adapter or one that works on batteries. Or a watch winder that works with an adapter and batteries. A battery-powered watch winder has its advantages. In this blog article we write about the advantages and disadvantages of a watch winder that works on batteries.


An important advantage of a watch winder on batteries is that you are very flexible. After all, you do not need mains power to let the watch winder do its work. This makes it very easy to take a battery-powered watch winder on a trip or for example, to the office. You can place the watch winder wherever you want without having to consider an electrical outlet nearby. Another option that you have with a battery-powered watch winder is that you can place it in a safe. This way you can safely store your beloved watches in a safe without any worries. In the safe, the watch winder does its work so that your watches are fully wound and safe at the same time. 

Battery powered watch winders are smaller capacity watch winders, generally suitable for one automatic watch. So if you, as a collector, like to be able to wind several watches at the same time, this type of watch winder is less suitable. But if you are looking for a watch winder for one automatic watch, this type of watch winder is very efficient and convenient to use. They are generally small in size and therefore easy to move and therefore take little space. A battery-powered watch winder is also very suitable as a professional watch winder due to the good motors. With a modern control you can easily set the watch winder, so that it specifically meets the needs of your watch. Ideal, therefore these watch winders are suitable for any type of automatic watch. This regardless of the make or model. With a battery-powered watch winder, you can easily wind your Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Oris or Breitling watch.

Swiss Kubik

There are plenty of examples of good watch winders on batteries. Here we will discuss some of them. First we will discuss two suitable models of the well-known Swiss Kubik brand. These Swiss made watch winders are of high quality, reliable and durable. The Swiss Kubik Startbox is the basic model of this brand. It offers everything you need to wind your automatic watch. In addition, this model is very compact, available in various appealing colors and works on a set of AA batteries. This watch winder can function for up to three years on a set of AA batteries so that you do not have to worry about it for a longer period of time. This also applies to the next Swiss Kubik model. This is the Swiss Kubik Aluminum series. These watch winders are also available in different colors. However, these watch winders are made of aluminum, where the Swiss Kubik Startbox is made of plastic. The Swiss Kubik aluminum watch winders are therefore more luxurious in terms of materials. These watch winders are also adjustable via a USB connection.


Chronovision is another great watch winder brand with high-quality battery-powered watch winders. This German brand produces high-quality watch winders and has an excellent reputation for quality, finish and functionality. The Chronovision One watch winders work for about a year on a set of C batteries. The watch winders are adjustable via USB connection and have Bluetooth. By means of the bluetooth function you can set the watch winder to your liking via the app on your phone. This is very convenient and modern. Beautiful features such as an overwind protection and sleep mode are also included in this series of Chronovision. In addition, the models are nicely compact and have a stylish and luxurious appearance.


Soon the Dutch brand Benson will also launch a series of watch winders that work on batteries. These watch winders are fully equipped with Swiss technology and are suitable for winding 1, 2, 3 or even 4 automatic watches. Only the models for 1 and 2 automatic watches run on batteries, the models for 3 and 4 watches only run on mains power via the supplied adapter. Benson expects to present this new watch winder series at the end of this year.


The last watch winder that we put in the spotlight is the Orbita Sparta Bold watch winder. Orbita is a good and well known brand from the United States that produces high-quality watch winders. In this series of watch winders we see models for one to two watches. The watch winders are made of solid materials and the models have a compact design. Because they are available in different colors, there is a suitable alternative for every interior. The design is simple, but the winding technique is of a particularly high level.

In short, the many advantages of a watch winder with batteries speak for themselves. This type of watch winder is becoming increasingly popular because you are flexible and don't have to take into account an power outlet or a lot of space. These watch winders are compact and light and can be placed anywhere you want. Brands such as Benson, Swiss Kubik, Chronovision and Orbita are recommended.

Does this type of watch winder have no disadvantages? If we think for a long time there is only one drawback, there are no watch winders for larger capacity (read: to wind more watches) that run on batteries. This means that when you want to wind several watches, you always end up with a watch winder that works on mains power via an adapter.

We are official dealer of all the above brands. This means that we work closely with these brands. We offer the latest collections, clear service and warranty. Are you looking for a good battery powered watch winder? Take a look at these watch winder brands and you will certainly succeed!

The advantages of a Swiss Kubik watch winder

Posted on 21 May 2020 at 9:24 AM

- Why do you need a watch winder?

We have written in various blog articles why a watch winder is so very useful when you have multiple automatic watches. The watch winder ensures that your automatic watches never stop running. The automatic watches are safely and professionally powered by rotating gently in a certain direction of rotation and with a certain number of revolutions per day. You can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day per watch. This gives every watch optimal energy, because one watch requires a different direction of rotation and TPD (turns per day) than the other.

Swiss Kubik Double watch winder

Because your automatic watches are wound up in the watch winder, you can wear them immediately. After all, when your watch is stationary you have to reset the time and date and shake the watch again or wind it manually. That is a thing of the past with a watch winder. The watch winder ensures that your watches are immediately ready to wear. You don't have to worry about it anymore.

A watch winder is not only very useful but also better for your watches. Standstill is deterioration and especially the technology in an automatic watch needs movement so that all parts remain flexible and the oil within the movement remains well distributed. If your watch is often stopped and you have to reset the time and date by opening the crown, you risk damaging the crown. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. A repair of an automatic watch is not cheap!

In this blog article we write about Swiss Kubik, a well-known watch winder brand of which we have been an official dealer for over 10 years. We write about the benefits of a Swiss Kubik watch winder.

- Description of the Swiss Kubik brand

The Swiss Kubik brand is relatively young. It has not been around for many decades like many Swiss watch brands. The watch winder brand comes from Switzerland and can therefore carry the designation Swiss made. Swiss Kubik is known for making small and compact watch winder that are functional as well as easy to take with you when traveling or placing in a safe. The parts of a Swiss Kubik watch winder come from suppliers within a radius of 50km from the factory. As a result, the lines are short and production can be done quickly and effectively.

Swiss Kubik has a modern look as a company that is reflected in its watch winders. The watch winders have a sleek and modern design and are available in all kinds of materials and colors. Various models can be called trendy and hip. Other models are more classic and elegant in appearance.

- What are the advantages of a Swiss Kubik watch winder?

The Swiss brand Swiss Kubik offers several advantages over other watch winder brands. As a first advantage we want to mention the Swiss motors. There are more brands that offer watchwinders with Swiss motors, such as Benson Swiss Series, RDI and Bernard Favre. The Swiss motor is known for its durability, low sound level and flexibility to wind all types of automatic watches without any problems. A Swiss motor is rated higher than a German or Japanese motor, but on the other hand it also costs more. You pay for slightly better quality, but also for the Swiss made designation. This is also reflected in Swiss watch brands where you pay part of the price for the fact that the watch comes from Switzerland.

The second advantage is that every Swiss Kubik watch winder has a compact design. The cabinet has dimensions of 10 x 10 x 10 cm. This makes the watch winder small and easy to fit into any interior and even take it with you on a trip. You can of course also place the watch winder in a safe, which many watch enthusiasts do with multiple, valuable watches. Due to the compact shape, the watch winders are elegant and light.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that a Swiss Kubik lasts 3 years on a set of two AA batteries due to the Swiss motor and good adjustment. The watch winder is extremely energy efficient, so you don't have to worry about the battery running out quickly. You hardly have to worry about the watch winder at all when you use it. By using batteries you are also extra flexible where you place the watch winder, because you do not need a socket nearby.

As a final advantage, we would like to mention the years of experience in the field of watch winders that Swiss Kubik has. Experience and expertise are essential in the production of a good watch winder. This Swiss brand produces high end watch winders in a compact form and few brands can compete with these watch winders. The properties may not be as diverse as with other brands, which also offer LED lighting, power winding, sleep mode and extra storage options. Swiss Kubik offers a relatively simple watch winder without frills but with rock-solid technology.

- What are the most popular Swiss Kubik watch winders?

If we look at the collection and the best-selling watch winders on our websites, we arrive at the Swiss Kubik Startbox Black and Swiss Kubik Alumium Black. The first model is the entry-level model of the Swiss brand and offers a plastic housing that is available in various colors. The price is attractive and with the Swiss technique you are assured of quality.

The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is a watch winder of more luxurious materials. The Swiss engine is strong and durable. You buy this watch winder if you are looking for a good watch winder for your automatic watches and want a luxury model than the Swiss Kubik Startbox. The price is of course also slightly higher.

Of course you can also contact Swiss Kubik for watch winders with a larger capacity. The brand produces watch winders suitable for up to 8 automatic watches. Of course you can also just buy separate watch winders, so that you are flexible and can place the watch winder where you want.

- Conclusion

The Swiss brand Swiss Kubik is a well-known brand in the field of watch winders. Due to the strong and durable Swiss motors, they have built a good reputation. The many advantages such as the motor, a compact design, battery function and years of experience make the Swiss Kubik watch winders an excellent choice when you are looking for a good watch winder for automatic watches. The watch winders are simple and small in design. Are you looking for real luxury and extra functionality such as more winding options, LED lighting or extra storage options? Then you probably choose a different watch winder brand. Swiss Kubik watch winders are effective and functional. If you want to keep your watches in a safe, a Swiss Kubik watch winder is an excellent choice, and perhaps even the best choice. They last up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries. So you do not have to worry about the watch winder and you are sure that your automatic watches are supplied with energy. This allows you to grab your watch and wear it at any time, without having to manually wind the watch and reset the time and date.

We have been an official dealer of Swiss Kubik watch winders for more than 10 years. We offer the latest and most extensive collections of this brand. Of course we offer competitive prices, a clear guarantee and extensive advice if you wish. Are you interested in a Swiss Kubik watch winder? View the collection on our website or contact us for more information and explanation.

The best watch winder for a watch collector

Posted on 12 May 2020 at 3:04 PM

The collector of automatic watches knows better than anyone that a watch winder is an indispensable accessory. Not every watch winder is suitable for a serious collector. This is because it must meet various criteria. Number one is of course the quality. A watch winder should be of good quality, durable and reliable when you entrust your beloved watches to it. Quality is also very important for the professional. For the preservation of automatic watches it is important that they are properly supplied with energy, in order to prevent wear.

In addition to quality, technical specifications are also important. A collector will probably appreciate it when a watch winder is equipped with LED lighting, so you can admire your watches while winding. And a touchscreen ensures that you can set the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation (preferably per watch). The collector will also certainly look at the capacity of the intended watch winder. Where the small collector may need a watch winder with room for two or four watches, the collector with a large collection will need a watch winder with space for, for example, 12, 16 or even 24 watches. Another condition is that the watch winder is suitable for all automatic watches, regardless of brand or type. After all, you will want to include all kinds of different automatic watches in your collection and they all need to be wound.

In short, we are looking for a professional watch winder for the watch collector that meets the following criteria: it must have a large capacity, have good motors, have modern functionality and is suitable for all watch brands and models. When we add these conditions, there is still enough to choose for the real collector. We will briefly name a number of watch winders.

A nice first example is the Benson Black Series Pro 24.19.B. In the Black Series Pro series there is a choice of a watch winder suitable for 12, 16, 20 or 24 watches. A suitable alternative for every collector. In addition, this watch winder has an innovative touchscreen with which each rotor can be operated individually, LED lighting and the possibility to lock the watch winder with a key. As an extra advantage, this watch winder offers a drawer to store jewelry, watches or, for example, cufflinks. Besides that these watch winders are of very good quality, they are also very affordable.

Another good option is the Heisse und Söhne 70019/17. With space for 8 watches, this watch winder is ideal for the collector with a medium-sized watch collection. Heisse und Söhne offers very high-quality watch winders with a luxurious look. This watch winder is also equipped with LED lighting and the rotors are easy to operate separately via the modern LCD screen.

The Orbita Avanti Twelve Rotorwind W22041 is a watch winder that is available with the "Programmable System" or the "Rotorwind System" patented by Orbita. The latter system ensures that, by gently shaking the watches, they are supplied with energy, instead of rotations as with the "Programmable System". This watch winder offers space for 12 watches and is equipped with Swiss quality motors. The motors are individually adjustable and this watch winder has a very luxurious look.

The Paul Design Gentlemen 12 is also suitable for all automatic watches. As the name suggests, this watch winder, like the Orbita Avanti Twelve Rotorwind W22041, is suitable to wind 12 watches. With this watch winder it is also possible to set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day via the touchscreen. For optimal ease of use, you can even use a remote control with this watch winder. The Paul Design watch winder is an absolute winner, certainly in combination with the competitive price.

In short, there is enough choice for the real watch collector. Take a look, you will see that you will find a watch winder that exactly suits your preferences and collection!

As an official dealer of all the above watch winder brands, we supply most watch winders from stock with a 2-year warranty. We ship worldwide via DPD or Fedex. Of course you can pay in our webshop (s) with your credit card, Paypal or iDeal.