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Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder

Posted on 17 December 2020 at 2:12 PM

When you, as a collector of automatic watches, look for a suitable watch winder, you obviously do not go for the first best choice. Besides an indispensable part of a collection of automatic watches, a watch winder is so much more. Of course, in the first instance it ensures that your watches keep running, even if you are not wearing them. But in addition, a good watch winder also offers a safe storage place and in many cases also serves as a presentation for the watches, so that they look extra beautiful. Ideal, especially for a collector! The right watch winder is therefore not only very functional, but also has an added value for your collection in terms of aesthetics. Finding the perfect watch winder for your collection can therefore be quite a quest. In this article we will help you on your way!

Orbita Avanti Thirty Six W70005 watch winder

There is a wide range within the segment of high-quality watch winders. However, when you are looking for a watch winder for a larger collection of automatic watches, watch winders with limited space are not the best choice. Of course it depends on how big your watch collection is, how much choice you have exactly. There are various brands that also offer quality watch winders for larger collections. A nice brand within this segment that we would like to name is Orbita watch winders. As one of the oldest watch winder brands, Orbita is very experienced in this field. This brand belongs to the absolute top and is certainly known by many enthusiasts. Orbita is a special brand from the US, which has several patents to its name in the field of technology and movement. In addition to the standard way of winding through rotation (Programmable System), Orbita also offers the Rotorwind System that they have patented. This system powers automatic watches by gently shaking the watch. The look of the watch winders is luxurious and classic at the same time. The wood used for the Orbita watch winders comes from Italy and therefore offers real Italian class. In short, the Orbita watch winders are a perfect combination of traditional design and the latest technology.

Orbita offers various models of watch winders for collectors. For the collector with a large collection, the Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder is a wonderful choice. This watch winder is of absolute top quality and equipped with Swiss quality motors. This watch winder is not only energy efficient, but also very quiet in use. This model offers space for winding up to 36 automatic watches. The so-called "clean design" of the watch winder ensures that all 36 watches immediately catch the eye and can be beautifully presented when placed in the watch winder. In addition to the space for winding watches, this model also offers space for storing 10 extra watches. This watch winder, like all other Orbita watch winders, is made by hand with the utmost care. The combination of the beautiful macassar wooden case, glass door and black interior (inlaid carbon) give the watch winder an extremely luxurious look. In addition, the glass door provides extra protection for your beloved watches, against dust, dirt and condensation, among other things. This allows you to create the optimal conditions for your watches to enjoy them for as long as possible.

The Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder offers different programs and works with an adapter. The rotors are individually adjustable, with which the most optimal conditions can be set for each watch. This watch winder is therefore suitable for any brand and type of automatic watch. Of course, the watch winder is also equipped with overwind protection. Orbita uses flexible cushions on which the watches can be placed. These pads are made of a type of foam and provide extra protection against scratches and damage. The pads are suitable for almost all sizes of watches, but if you own an extra small watch, there are specially smaller pads available. These are provided with the Orbita logo, which gives an extra luxurious look. We can say that with the Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder you get a real gem, so you will enjoy your watch collection even more!

If you are interested in this specific watch winder from Orbita, you want to be able to order it with a safe and good feeling. After all, it is not an everyday purchase. You can visit our webshop and see the complete collection of Orbita watch winders. As an official dealer of Orbita, we are able to help you in the right way and provide you with the necessary service. You can also contact us for various other Orbita watch winders and various other renowned watch winder brands. In the webshop you can easily enter your wishes in the filter system, so that you get to see the watch winders that suit you best. You can also easily compare different watch winders with each other so that you make the right choice. When you order an Orbita watch winder, you will receive it with a 2-year warranty and manual.