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The maintenance of a watch winder

Posted on 23 December 2020 at 4:58 PM

You have one or more automatic watches and you use a watch winder that ensures that the automatic watches do not come to a standstill. This is not only time consuming and annoying but also disadvantageous for the watches. You have to open the crown to reset the time and date. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. The watch winder is therefore an ideal accessory for winding automatic watches.

For watch maintenance, you can go to a jeweler or directly to the watch brand itself. Regular maintenance is recommended, especially for automatic and mechanical watches. But how do you maintain a watch winder? A watch winder has various mechanical parts, such as the motor and gearbox. A good watch winder is often not cheap either and it is best to your expensive items in good condition. 

Do watch winders also need maintenance? If so, for which parts? And where can you go? In this blog we will discuss how you can best maintain a watch winder.

Do watch winders also need maintenance?

Like almost all mechanical products, watch winders also require maintenance. The motors and gearboxes contain various moving parts that must work together in harmony. Proper adjustment of the motor in relation to the gearbox is very important. In addition, moving parts that touch each other, such as the gears of the gearbox, can wear out. This can cause an motor or gearbox to rotate irregularly or even produce a lot of noise. Especially when you have the watch winder in a room where you actually do not want to hear it or hardly want to hear it, that is annoying. For example, you can think of a watch winder in the bedroom or at the office if you want to work quietly.

Another important part is the watch holder. The watch holder is intended to attach the automatic watch, after which you place it in the watch winder. The watch holder is therefore a part that you often use and is subject to wear and tear. At some point you may need to replace a watch holder.

What types of maintenance are there?

In terms of maintenance, there are various options and tips. You can think of adjusting motors and gearbox when they no longer rotate properly or make a lot of noise. Sometimes replacement is even necessary. You will then have to have a new motor and gearbox installed.

To preserve the watch winder, it is important that you clean the case every now and then with a dry cloth or a cloth that is slightly wet. Make sure that any moisture cannot reach the electronics of the watch winder. For long enjoyment of the watch winder, keep it free of grease, dust and condensation.

Another tip is to check the watch holders regularly. Do they still click properly in the watch winder, are they still flexible so that you can put any watch on it and are they clean? You have them in your hands almost every day.

The most important tip for use is never to place or remove a watch in the watch winder while it is spinning. This causes stress for the motors and gearbox, which can cause them to malfunction or produce more noise. Always stop the specific rotor before inserting or removing a watch. This is important for the preservation of your watch winder.

Where can you go for maintenance?

You can do various aspects of maintaining your watch winder yourself. As mentioned, regularly checking the watch winder and keeping it clean is already very important. If technical maintenance is nevertheless required, you cannot escape calling in a specialist. It is best to approach the official dealer of the watch winder brand where you bought it. You can also approach the brand yourself so that it can refer you to an official dealer or a special service partner.

Do not tinker with a watch winder yourself. It is and will remain an electronic device and if you tinker with it, this can involve certain risks. Opt for professional maintenance and/or replacement so that you are assured of proper operation and warranty on the new parts. A watch winder is not cheap, so you want to enjoy it for as long as possible!

What are the benefits of maintaining a watch winder?

As with an automatic watch, it is advisable to maintain a watch winder. This means you can enjoy the watch winder for a longer time. The benefits are many. A good watch winder ensures the optimal energy supply of automatic watches. If the watch winder is not properly maintained, this can have a direct effect on the winding of the automatic watches. If the watch winder does not rotate properly, the watches will not receive any energy. If a watch winder makes a lot of noise, it means that something is wrong somewhere. In addition, a watch winder that makes a lot of noise is disturbing, especially in your bedroom or office.

A watch winder that you maintain properly can last for years. This saves you money for a new watch winder. Money that you would rather spend on beautiful automatic watches or other things. Our advice is therefore: buy a good watch winder and maintain it properly.

Would you like advice on the maintenance of a watch winder? Or do you have a watch winder that is defective? We are happy to help you. We have a service center that can service or repair almost any watch winder of the brands of which we are an official dealer. In the event that we cannot resolve the defect, we can send the watch winder to the relevant brand for investigation and repair. This way you are assured of proper functioning and years of enjoyment!