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Orbita watch winders

Posted on 4 November 2020 at 11:07 AM

The Orbita brand from the United States is one of the leading watch winder brands in the world. By using Swiss technology, beautiful materials and classic designs, they appeal to many watch enthusiasts. The advantages of an Orbita watch winder are many. Not only do the watch winders of this brand wind every automatic watch quickly and professionally, they also look beautiful and can certainly be seen as an interior luxury piece. In addition, every Orbita watch winder is made of high-quality wood and they are equipped with Swiss motors of excellent quality. This combination ensures that Orbita has been very popular in the United States for many years. In Europe the brand is less known but certainly no less popular. As an official dealer of Orbita, we notice a growing interest in the watch winders of this brand. Our experiences are also very positive, especially in terms of quality and finish. As a result, with an Orbita watch winder you are assured of a high-end watch winder of top quality.

What does an Orbita watch winder offer?

As previously written, the Orbita watch winders offer many advantages. The primary purpose of these watch winders is of course to provide automatic watches with energy so that they keep running and indicate the correct time, date and other functions. After all, you don't want your automatic watches to come to a standstill. This is inconvenient, especially when you regularly change the wearing of different automatic watches.

The biggest advantage that an Orbita watch winder offers is the Swiss motor. This motor is of the very best quality and very durable. The motor is the heart of the watch winder and is therefore one of the most important parts of this watch accessory. The Swiss motors that Orbita uses in its watch winders are almost silent in use. This has the advantage that you can place the watch winder almost anywhere without having to worry that the noise level is too high. For example, you can easily place an Orbita watch winder in a bedroom or in the office.

During the production process, great emphasis is placed on materials, build quality and finish. The result must be perfect, so an Orbita watch winder only leaves the factory after various tests and a final inspection. As a result, every user of a watch winder from this American brand is guaranteed a top product. The finish is of a very high level because a lot of time and effort is spent on a perfect result.

Another advantage of the Orbita watch winders is that you can opt for the Rotorwind system. This system does not rotate the watches in the watch winder but gently shakes them up and down. In terms of the winding of automatic watches, this gives the same result, but Orbita says that the shaking is slightly less stressful on the rotor of the automatic movement inside the watch.

Orbita watch winder collection

Now you probably think that Orbita is a very expensive watch winder brand. This is also partly true. The larger watch winders of this brand are not cheap. Take a look at the Orbita Avanti watch winders. You will see that these beautiful watch winders offer everything for a true watch enthusiast.

But Orbita also has much more attractive priced models in its collection. The Orbita Sparta watch winders are in fact much more competitively priced. This series of watch winders is suitable for winding 1 or 2 automatic watches. However, the design has a minimalist look. Its primary purpose is to wind watches. These watch winders have a solid housing without many extras. However, they do what they are very good at; winding automatic watches. The nice thing about these Orbita Sparta watch winders is the price. The models for winding 1 watch cost 279 euros and the models for winding 2 watches cost 529 euros. For these prices you buy an excellent watch winder for winding all automatic watches, regardless of brand or model. With an Orbita watch winder you can easily wind any watch from Oris, Omega, Breitling, Rolex, Nomos or IWC.

Official dealer Orbita watch winders

We,, are the official dealer of Orbita watch winders. This means that we are authorized by Orbita itself to sell Orbita watch winders. We have the latest collections, competitive prices and clear service. In addition, we have various Orbita watch winders in stock and available immediately. This means you will have the watch winder you want quickly at home.

We supply all Orbita watch winders with a 2-year warranty and manual. Do you have any questions regarding a watch winder or are you looking for a specific watch winder would you like help? You can always call or email us, we are happy to help you.