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Watch winders for 1 automatic watch

Posted on 26 October 2020 at 11:43 AM

As a watch enthusiast, you recognize the problem that your automatic watch has stopped again. You haven't worn it for some time so it doesn't run anymore. You now have to open the crown to reset the time and date and then manually wind or shake the watch again to start running again.

A stationary automatic watch is inconvenient but can absolutely be prevented by placing the watch in a watch winder when you are not wearing it. The watch winder slowly rotates the watch, so that the automatic watch obtains energy. This will cause the watch to run continuously and show the correct time. You no longer have to wind it manually and reset the time and date. This is very handy if you want your automatic watch ready to wear immediately. For example every morning when you have to go to work or when you want to wear your favorite automatic watch when you go to a party. Using a watch winder not only saves you time, but also the continuous resetting and winding of a stationary automatic watch.

Watch winder for 1 watch

If you have one or two automatic watches, it is best to choose a watch winder that is suitable for one or two automatic watches. After all, you don't need a larger watch winder. A watch winder for 1 watch is available in all shapes and sizes. There are many different brands that make excellent watch winders for winding automatic watches. For example the watch winders from Benson and Paul Design. Winding a Breitling, IWC, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko or Davosa watch is no problem at all. The watch winders have been developed in such a way that they provide any automatic watch with energy without any problems, regardless of the watch brand or model. The system is simple. The movement of the watch turns the rotor of the timepiece, causing a spring to stretch. When the spring relaxes, it drives the hands and the watch starts running. A watch winder simulates wearing a watch, as it were.

What requirements does a good watch winder for 1 watch meet?

If you have never bought a watch winder or if you want to give a watch winder as a gift to your partner, friend or a family member, then choosing a good watch winder can be difficult. There are so many brands and models. In addition, you have all kinds of different engines that are used in watch winders and you also have big differences in prices. In short, sometimes you just need some help.

When purchasing a watch winder, you should keep a close eye on the following points. The brand matters. There are many different brands, but there are big differences in quality. Always buy a watch winder from a good brand that has proven itself and has a good reputation. You don't want to put an expensive automatic watch in a bad watch winder, do you? This can cause damage to the watch. Therefore, never buy a watch winder with a Chinese motor that are often offered on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress. These watch winders do not offer you the quality and finish for a good winding of automatic watches. Often cheap turns out to be expensive in the end. The cheap price seems attractive, but when the watch winder breaks quickly or causes damage to the watch, disappointment follows.

The second important point is the functionality of the watch winder. A watch winder must always be able to turn clockwise, anticlockwise and alternately to wind most automatic watches. In addition, an adjustable number of revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day) is an advantage. This allows you to set the direction of rotation and the TPD to the exact requirements of the automatic watch. A watch that has to be wound clockwise at 1500 TPD will not receive any energy when the watch winder is set to 600 TPD counter-clockwise. You can set a good watch winder for 1 watch yourself in terms of direction of rotation and TPD. This makes the use of the watch winder flexible and you can wind any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, quickly and safely. It does not matter whether you want to wind a Rolex, Oris or Patek watch.

The last point that is important when buying a watch winder is the motor. The motor is the heart of the watch winder. Watch winders are often fitted with Chinese, Japanese, German and Swiss motors. Do not choose a watch winder with Chinese motors. These motors are of poor quality and quickly break down or make a lot of noise when winding. Japanese motors in a watch winder form a good basis. These motors are used by most brands and have the advantage that they offer an excellent price/quality. Watchwinder brands such as Heisse & Söhne and Boda Concept use Japanese motors. If you want a little more luxury, you will end up with a German or Swiss motor. German and Swiss motorcycles are not much better in quality than Japanese motors, but have a slightly lower noise level, making them slightly more pleasant to use. However, please note that German and Swiss motors are often more expensive, which means that the watch winders that use this type of motor are also more expensive. Good examples of watch winder brands that use German and Swiss motors are Chronovision and Swiss Kubik. In addition, the American high-end watch winder brand Orbita also uses Swiss motors.

Where can you buy a good watch winder for 1 watch?

If you keep a close eye on the above three points, you can easily buy a good watch winder. Your choice then depends on your taste, budget and any other functions that certain brands offer. You can think of LED lighting, fingerprint technology, battery function or a remote control. This extra functionality does not wind the automatic watch any better, but may make using the watch winder a bit more fun and easier.

If you want to buy a watch winder for 1 watch, we advise you to always go to an official dealer. This official dealer has a direct relationship with the brand and has the knowledge and experience in the field of watch winders. This means you are assured of good advice, an original product, a fair price and service in the event of a problem or defect. You just have a lot more certainty. You can also approach a good jeweler. The better jewelers do have knowledge of watch winders, but certainly not all because this product is quite specific. Always ask about the brand, motor and functions. You will soon enough notice whether they are really knowledgeable or not.

We have more than 15 years of experience with watch winders and are official dealer of all our brands, for example Bernard Favre, Orbita, Scatola del Tempo, Swiss Kubik, RDI and Heisse & Söhne. In the Netherlands we also have our own service point where we can repair watch winders and have almost all parts in stock. This ensures a fast and professional service.

Would you like to know more about watch winders for 1 watch? Visit our webshop and view the different brands and models. We have provided each watch winder with clear photos and specifications. If you have any questions or comments, we will be happy to help you.