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Swiss Kubik watch winders | Swiss made quality

Posted on 19 October 2020 at 11:52 AM

Choosing a good watch winder is not always easy. There are various brands, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each watch winder brand has its own technology, design and price range. For your automatic watches, you prefer the best watch winder within your budget. But which watch winder should you choose? Which brand has a good reputation and ensures an optimal energy supply for your automatic watches?

What is a watch winder?

First we briefly explain what a watch winder is exactly. Many people do not even know what a watch winder is but have heard of it. A watch winder is a device that powers automatic watches that stop when they are not being worn. A watch winder ensures that the automatic watch continues to run and the settings, such as time and date, are retained. This has the great advantage that the automatic watch is always ready to wear. An automatic watch stops when it is not being worn, so that the set functions are no longer correct. You can think of the time and date, but also the GMT function, moon phase and day and month display.

A watch winder is not only very handy, but also better for preserving automatic watches. A watch winder takes care of the oil distribution within the timepiece. In addition, you do not have to pull out the crown each time to set the time and date correctly when the watch is stopped. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. A watch winder therefore also reduces the risk of defects to the crown and the timepiece.

Watch winders from Switzerland

Just like watches from Switzerland, watch winders from Switzerland have an excellent reputation. These watch winders are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of materials and finish. The craftsmanship in Switzerland is of a very high level, which leads to a beautiful quality and finish. Naturally, the Swiss motor plays a major role as the heart of the watch winder. The motor makes the watches rotate. It is therefore important that this motor is of good quality. The Swiss motors have the advantage over their competition from Germany and Japan that they are slightly quieter. However, you do pay a slightly higher price for a watch winder with a Swiss motor.

We know Swiss made watch winders from RDI, Swiss Kubik and Bernard Favre. Where RDI is a relatively small brand and Bernard Favre produces very exclusive watch winders, Swiss Kubik is a brand that markets a large collection of models that are suitable for every watch enthusiast. The advantage that Swiss Kubik offers is the relatively interesting price and excellent quality.

This is mainly reflected in the virtually silent motors, high durability and the compact design, so that the watch winders can be placed almost anywhere. For example in a safe or in a place where you do not have mains power available. The Swiss Kubik watch winders work on a set of AA batteries with which they last up to 3 years.

Swiss Kubik watch winders

The Swiss Kubik watch winders are completely made in Switzerland and are therefore 100% Swiss made. This still remains an important predicate in the watch world. Nevertheless, there are several other watch winder brands that also produce excellent watch winders, you can think of Benson, Paul Design and Chronovision.

The nice thing about a Swiss Kubik watch winder is the compact design and the fact that the watch winders are available in all kinds of colors and materials. You can choose colors such as black, blue, gray, red and yellow. In terms of materials you can choose from different types of wood and leather. This allows you to choose exactly the Swiss Kubik watch winder that suits you.

Swiss technology is at a high level. Not only Swiss Kubik uses Swiss technology. Brands such as Scatola del Tempo, Orbita and Benson also use Swiss technology in their watch winders. The Dutch watch winder brand Benson will soon even present a completely new line, the Benson Swiss Series watch winders, which is equipped with Swiss made technology and is fully assembled in the Netherlands. The Swiss engines that Swiss Kubik uses are very energy efficient and almost silent in use. This has the advantage that you can also put them in the bedroom or take them with you on a trip. In addition, the motors are very durable, so you can enjoy the watch winders for a long time.

Compared to other Swiss watch winder brands, Swiss Kubik offers competitive pricing. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than comparable brands from Germany, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. This is purely due to the Swiss made designation that any Swiss Kubik watch winder is allowed to wear. Just like with watches, Swiss brands can ask a little more for their products than other brands. This on the basis of the good reputation and origin and production in Switzerland. With a Swiss made watch winder you assure yourself of absolute top quality.

Swiss Kubik Startbox versus Masterbox

The Swiss Kubik watch winder collection can simply be divided into two categories. The Startbox watch winders are entry-level models made of plastic and are very compact and pleasant to use. These watch winders have a Swiss motor and are available in various trendy colors. The price is 445 euros.

The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders are more professional watch winders for the real watch enthusiast and collector. The Masterbox collection has models for winding 1 to 12 watches. These models have a more luxurious design and there is much more choice of different materials and colors. These watch winders are also very compact with dimensions of 10x10x10cm. The nice thing about these Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders is that you set them, in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day, via a bluetooth connection. This allows you to set the watch winder completely to your liking via your mobile phone or PC. The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders start from 695 euros. As an extra option, you can choose to equip the watch winder with a plastic door. This door is an extra protection for the automatic watches in the watch winder.

Official dealer Swiss Kubik watch winders

If you want the best quality and you think the Swiss made designation is very important, the Swiss Kubik watch winders are an excellent choice! The brand is distinguished by compact designs, good Swiss engines and modern appearance. You can easily wind your automatic watches in a Swiss Kubik watch winder. If you have a safe in which you like to keep and wind your watches, a Swiss Kubik watch winder is an excellent choice. You don't need mains power to let the watch winder provide your watches with energy. is an official dealer of Swiss Kubik watch winders. As an official dealer, we offer security, originality and service. We have now been an official dealer of Swiss Kubik for more than 10 years and we know the advantages of this watch wind brand very well.

All Swiss Kubik watch winders come in chic packaging with manual and a 3-year warranty. We ship worldwide with Fedex, DPD and PostNL. In our webshop you can pay with your credit card, iDeal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

Take a quick look at our collection of Swiss Kubik watch winders and wind up your automatic watches in style!