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The three best watch winders for less than 500 euros

Posted on 14 October 2020 at 12:55 PM

Whether you have a big or small budget to buy a watch winder, you want the best you can get for your money. Because there is more than enough choice it can seem difficult to make the right choice and to check all the pros and cons. What is in any case important if you are looking for the right watch winder for you and your watches is that you get all information that is available. There is so much choice in terms of quality, price, brands and design that otherwise you would not be able to make a good decision. 

That is why we are here to help you with this. Suppose you are looking for a watch winder for under 500 euros. This is a nice budget to be able to purchase a solid and high-quality watch winder without too much fuss. What you can expect for this amount when you make the right choice is a quality watch winder that is durable and reliable and does what a good watch winder should do. Wind your automatic watches. In some cases you even get a number of extra functionalities. The watch winders available for under 500 euros already offer more luxury than the entry-level models and are therefore absolutely not basic. A beautiful design, high-quality use of materials and watch winders with a capacity for 1, 2 or 4 watches are within reach with this budget.

As mentioned, you have a wide choice of brands and models for this amount. When you start your search, it can help if you do this on a well-organized website with a good filter system. This way you can easily fulfill your wishes regarding brand, material, functionalities and of course your budget. You also enter for how many watches you are looking for a watch winder. We will name and highlight the watch winders that we believe prefer for the budget of under 500 euros. These watch winders can all be ordered easily, quickly and safely in our webshop, so you immediately know where to go!

The first model we want to name is the Benson Black Series 2.16.B watch winder. This watch winder is from the Dutch brand Benson. Benson is able to deliver very good quality for a good price. Because they have the watch winders manufactured in-house, they make this good price/quality ratio possible. In this way the lines are short and they can keep a close eye on the quality. The Benson Black Series 2.16.B is a watch winder suitable for 2 watches. This watch winder is also handcrafted with the utmost care and equipped with the latest techniques. The watch winder is equipped with a power winding function and an overwind protection. With the LED lighting you always have a good view of your watches.

High-quality materials have been chosen and the watch winder is also provided with no less than 12 layers of paint. By means of the modern touchscreen you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day, specifically suitable for your watches. Each rotor is individually adjustable for this. Naturally, the Benson Black series 2.16.B watch winder is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of brand or type. It is available in the colors black, carbon, macassar and white, making it easy to make a choice that perfectly matches your interior and personal taste. As icing on the cake, this specific watch winder offers storage for 3 extra watches in addition to capacity for 2 watches for winding. This way you can easily store all your watches and jewelry together.

The next watch winder that we highlight is the Orbita Sparta Bold 1 blue watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for a single watch and has a nice compact design. This specific watch winder is blue, but it is also available in various other colors. This watch winder is also suitable for all types and brands of automatic watches. The watch winder offers 3 programs, namely CW, CC and Alt. This watch winder is made of plastic and has a Swiss motor. This means that you are guaranteed to choose a durable and reliable product, which Switzerland is known for. This motor is quiet and energy efficient in use, ideal!

Number 3 on the list is the Swiss Kubik Startbox black watch winder. This watch winder is black, but also available in various other colors. This is also a very compact model, suitable for a single watch. The material this watch winder is made of is polyamide, a type of plastic. The Swiss Kubik brand is of Swiss descent and therefore stands for very high quality watch winders. Because this watch winder works on batteries and is so compact, it is very easy to take with you on a trip or, for example, to the office. This also makes it possible to place it in a safe. This watch winder is also equipped with overwind protection.

Last but not least we mention the Chronovision One Black Bluetooth. Again a nice compact model suitable for one watch. This watch winder is made of aluminum and therefore lightweight. It is adjustable via PC, via USB and via smartphone. Of course, this watch winder is also suitable for any watch. In addition, it has a number of extra functionalities, such as the intelligent sleep function and the speedwinding function.

In short, plenty of choice for this budget. Take a look in our webshop and view our collection of watch winders.