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Paul Design Petite 8 Leather watch winder

Posted on 20 July 2023 at 10:58 AM

A quality watch winder is a very important part of the automatic watch hobby. This provides your automatic watch or watches with energy when you are not wearing the watch. When making a choice for a suitable watch winder, it is therefore always important to opt for quality. After all, you not only want an efficient, but also safe way of winding your automatic watches. When it comes to high-quality watch winders, the various watch winder brands have continued to innovate and develop them after its invention. This has resulted in the fact that today you can purchase a watch winder that is exactly to your wishes and that also fits perfectly with your automatic watches.

Watch winders are nowadays available in different sizes, shapes and designs. A lot is also possible in terms of winding capacity. There are watch winders on the market for a single automatic watch, but also for an entire collection and everything in between. There are also more basic models available, but also very luxurious and unique designs. There is also a lot to choose from in terms of technology and extra options. For example, there are watch winders with Swiss made motors on the market, but also watch winders with high-quality Japanese motors. Various brands of watch winders also offer nice extras, such as built-in LED lighting, a touchscreen or a power winding or sleep function. So when you look for a watch winder for your automatic watch or watches, it is important to determine in advance what it must meet for you and what budget you have to spend.

If you want to purchase a watch winder that is of high quality, but not too expensive, then you have come to the right place with the Paul Design brand. Paul Design offers a very extensive and varied collection of watch winders, with which it knows how to serve many enthusiasts and collectors. If you are looking for a watch winder for your collection of automatic watches, but don't have that much space for it, Paul Design also offers a nice solution. With the Paul Design Petite 8 Leather Black, you opt for a watch winder that has a compact design, but offers space for winding no less than eight automatic watches at the same time. This watch winder is covered on the outside with high-quality leather, which gives the watch winder a luxurious look. Both the interior and the exterior of this watch winder have a black color. This makes your watch collection stand out even more. The Paul Design Petite 8 Leather Black is also equipped with top quality Japanese motors. These motors come from the Mabuchi brand and effortlessly provide the winding of any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of watch. You can also individually determine the settings for each watch with regard to the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. In this way, every watch gets the most ideal way of winding. The Mabuchi motors also provide the winding of your automatic watches in an energy-efficient manner and silently. You can therefore place this watch winder in your bedroom or, for example, your office with confidence.

The Paul Design Petite 8 Leather Black is equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. The overwind protection is there to protect your automatic watches against overvoltage. Because this watch winder from Paul Design also has built-in LED lighting, you can put your watch collection in the spotlight if desired. The user comfort of the watch winder is also further increased by the supplied remote control. Because Paul Design uses special flexible watch holders for its watch winders, you can easily and easily place almost any size watch in this model. Finally, the energy supply of this watch winder runs through mains power with the help of an adapter. Has this Paul Design model managed to arouse your interest? You will find this high-quality and affordable watch winder in our webshop. We supply this model with a two-year warranty and a clear manual. We are also an official dealer of Paul Design and, in addition to this model, we also offer a surprisingly extensive collection of the brand. You can always ask us for advice and assistance when selecting the watch winder that suits you best. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, we will certainly be of service to you.

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