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The 3 best watch winders for less than 200 euro

Posted on 17 March 2021 at 6:37 PM

Watch winders are not always expensive, there are various brands that offer excellent models for less than 200 euros. In this article we give a few examples and we give some more information about the watch winder as a handy watch accessory. The enthusiast of automatic watches probably has several pieces and knows that a watch winder is a very handy but above all indispensable accessory. You don't want to leave your beloved automatic watches standing still. If you consider that your automatic watches always indicate the correct time and date and are immediately ready to wear, then winding watches in a watch winder is a “no brainer”.

Not everyone who wants to buy a watch winder has the same budget for a watch winder. However, there are differences in cheaper and more expensive watch winders. With a more expensive watch winder you will see the difference in material use, functionality and finish. In addition, the more expensive brands often pay a lot of attention to the design and appearance of the watch winder. This makes a watch winder not only functional, but it is also a nice addition to the interior. If you want to wind multiple automatic watches, you will generally also end up in the higher price ranges.

Fortunately, there is enough choice for a watch winder up to 200 euros. Within this budget you can buy a great watch winder that you can enjoy for years. If you are looking for a watch winder to wind 1 automatic watch, there is a lot of choice. The stated budget is the entry-level price level where you do not have to worry that you compromise on quality. In this article we write about the three best watch winders up to 200 euros to make your search easier. We have drawn up a few criteria that a good watch winder must meet. These are the type of motor, the finish and durability.

The Benson Compact 1.17 Carbon Fiber watch winder is the first model that we want to highlight. This model is available in different variants. The heart of this watch winder is formed by a reliable Japanese motor. The operation of the watch winder is located at the back where you can turn the watch winder clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternately via an LCD screen. In addition, you can set the number of revolutions (TPD: turns per day) via the LCD screen. You can connect the Benson Compact 1.17 Carbon Fiber watch winder to mains power, but you can also choose to place batteries in the watch winder. This allows you to place the device anywhere, for example in a safe. The design is compact and functional. The price is 169 euros. This model comes with an adapter, manual and a 2-year warranty.

The next model is the Benson Compact Single 1.WS watch winder. This watch winder comes from the latest generation of Benson Compact watch winders. This watch winder is suitable for winding one automatic watch and is made of wood. There is a chrome ring around the watch holder that gives an extra luxurious effect. The color is white which gives a nice contrast with the black inside. This model can also rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternately and of course the number of revolutions per day is also adjustable. The Benson Compact Single 1.WS watch winder can be connected to mains power via the supplied adapter, but you can also place batteries in it. The price is 199 euros. This model comes with an adapter, manual and a 2-year warranty.

Benson Compact Single 1.WS watch winder

The Benson Compact 1.17 Holland Edition Orange watch winder is the last item in the list of watch winders up to 200 euros. This model is suitable for winding 1 automatic watch and is technically the same as the 1.17 Carbon Fiber. Only the appearance is different, because this is a special Limited Edition model with the Dutch lion in white on the side against an orange background. This orange watch winder also has a Japanese motor and can be set according to your wishes. The nice thing about this model is that it is currently discounted to 149 euros. A very competitive price for a great entry-level watch winder.

A watch winder really does not have to be expensive to wind an automatic watch properly and safely. But you do have to choose quality and durability. Quality is very important and starts with a good motor. A good watch winder is suitable for any type and brand of automatic watch and also offers the basic functionalities that you cannot do without. You have to think of the clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternating rotation and adjustable revolutions per day. These are the basic requirements. We then recommend choosing a model where the watch holder, with the watch on it, clicks into the watch winder. Then you ensure that the watch can never fall out of the watch winder during winding.

Have you become curious about these beautiful watch winder models up to 200 euros? In our webshop you will find the mentioned watch winders and many more models that are interesting. As an official dealer and with more than 15 years of experience, we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or comment.